Breakdown Towing Queensland

Breakdown Towing QueenslandNothing can stop your plans like getting stuck on the side of the road or the middle of it, thanks to a car breakdown. The experienced and knowledgeable team at King Auto is always ready to help you to quickly transport your vehicle to safety. Our call center operates 24 hours 7 days a week.

Our breakdown towing services are well-known in Queensland and Brisbane. Moreover, customer service is efficient and friendly. With dozens of modern tow trucks, you can breathe easy knowing we are just a call away from you and never far from your location.

To ensure the wellbeing of you and your vehicle, all our industry-accredited trucks are equipped with the newest equipment, technology and GPS tracking software. All vehicles are also fitted-out with the best equipment for optimum road safety, including flashing arrow boards, which alert passing traffic of your broken down vehicle.

Breakdown Towing Queensland

With our extensive fleet, we can provide safe and efficient service, no matter the type of vehicle you operate. We can transport any type of vehicle no matter where in Queensland.  We tow your vehicle to safety without causing any additional damage, whether your truck’s engine is not working, your motorbike won’t start or your luxurious car’s tires have been damaged. 

At King Auto Towing, our main concern is keeping you and your vehicle out of danger and getting you towed as fast as possible without damaging your car. Contact us for more information on our breakdown towing services and remember to call King Auto Towing when you’re in a jam.


Is it rainy, snowy, hail or shine? Just give us a call and we will get a tow truck on the way. Our friendly team is available 24/7, so no matter what type of breakdown your car has had. The best part is, we offer much lower prices than you think. Our expert team can tow your vehicle regardless of your car’s condition and weather.


When you are dealing with King Auto Towing, we tow your vehicle from just $99. At that price, why not have it taken straight to your preferred mechanic? 

It’s just another step to help you get your broken down car back on the road sooner. Besides, why mess around renting a car trailer when you can have a team of professionals do it for you on a tow truck?

Feel free to contact us for further information. Either you can make a call or fill out the necessary information.


Wondering what it’ll cost to have your broken down car towed with King Auto Towing? Here’s a quick overview. Getting your vehicle moved on a tow truck around Brisbane isn’t as expensive as you think! Our primary concern is customer’s satisfaction.


No matter where you are in Brisbane, it’ll take some time for a truck to arrive. It’s important to stay safe and secure for this short wait.

To make sure you are, be sure to cover all of the below steps:

Our tow trucks are fully insured and GPS tracked for peace of mind
Our tow trucks are fully insured and GPS tracked for peace of mind

We take pride in our first-class service and do what we can put your mind at ease. We do understand seeing your broken down vehicle drive away on the back of a truck can be nerve wracking.

Not only will our professional drivers make you feel comfortable, you’re also covered by our insurance policy if something should go wrong in transit.

The important part is, our tow trucks are also equipped with GPS tracking so you can see the location all the time. Even when you can’t keep eyes on your vehicle, our depot can at every step along the way from pickup to drop off.

Approved by a huge collection of big brands

Providing years of quality, safe and trustworthy tow truck service around Queensland, we’ve earned ourselves a reputation.  By serving people sincerely for several years we have earned a powerful reputation to become an approved Tow Truck service provider for some major brands. Poor or unreliable service could be costly for any of these companies. Get your vehicle towed by a company the big brands trust.